Proposed Minimum Wage Increase of 17 % Will Have a Dramatic Impact on Cape May County Businesses

This past spring bills, in both the New Jersey Assembly and the Senate, were initiated that would increase the state’s minimum wage from its current level of $7.2 5 to a rate of $8.50. We as an employer who hires a significant amount of seasonal employees strongly opposed this increase along with a coalition of […]

IAAPA – Touring the World in Search of…

by Will Morey As 1st Vice Chair of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) I have had the recent opportunity to travel to Australia, Hong Kong, China, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland to attend meetings with our amusement park colleagues around the world. To visit so many different kinds of parks and cultures has been quite […]

Waterparks Makeover

by Jack Morey After years of planning and 9 months of construction we finally opened what I like to call our Waterpark Makeover. Since pictures are worth a thousand words I will simply say “please check it out!” Also check out the footage of our waterpark makeovers: WipeOut! at Ocean Oasis The infamous cardboard boat […]

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NJ Proposed Minimum Wage Increase- Testimony of James Blake

NJ Proposed Minimum Wage Increase “Impact of the Proposed Minimum Wage Increase (A-2162/S-3) on New Jersey Businesses” Testimony of James Blake, Vice President/Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer of Morey’s Piers March 2012 My name in James Blake; I am the Vice President/Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer of Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ. I am also an active member of […]

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The History of the Shipping Container

Many people think the Shipping Container was invented in China — not true. The first shipping container was invented and patented in 1956 by an American named Malcolm McLean. McLean was not an ocean shipper, but was a trucker and by 1956 he owned the largest trucking fleet in the South and the fifth largest trucking company in […]

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Improved Ingress/Egress on Rio Grande

by Will Morey I am excited to announce that in my new role as Freeholder that the county is supporting the Wildwoods with a plan to improve ingress and egress at the Rt 47 (Rio Grande) from the draw bridge to Susquehanna Ave. Via the County Open Space Fund, the county has entered into an […]

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Shipping Container Art and the Art of the Shipping Container

For several years now I have been following a growing trend in “green/eco” development and adaptive re-use of shipping containers. I am additionally intrigued due to the fact that the entire concept of using prefabbed containers for shipping was invented right here in New Jersey. Learn more about the invention of the modern shipping container and […]

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